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Golden Tips Tea


Unlike most other black teas, this tea is composed mostly of golden tips. The result is an intense aroma of roasted and creamy chestnut with a creamy and smooth texture. The medium-bodied tea produces subtle flavor notes of honey. Most characteristic of this tea are its velvety, creamy mouth feel, and pronounced minerality. Our Golden Tips body is lighter compared to other black teas, but this is
one of the most complex and delicious black teas on the planet.


  • Loose leaf/ Tea Bag - 2-2.5g (01 standard tea spoon) = 1 Tea bag
  • Water - 220ml
  • Water Temperature - 100 c
  • Brewing - 95-100 c
  • Brewing Time - 3-5 Minutes (3 Minutes Normal brew. 5 Minutes for strong brew)


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